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Beginner’s Guide

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Hey there! Yeah you, is this your first time playing the mod? Are you confused and unsure what to do? Worry no longer, since today I will be your guide and I will help you understand the mod a bit more.


Let’s start first with character creation, the game has 7 unique classes you can choose from, but I won’t talk about all of them, we are going to focus mainly on 2 classes today and those will be Assassin and Barbarian.

Assassin specializes in fast movement speed and attack speed making it a perfect class for first-timers since you will be doing everything faster than most other classes, also your damage per strength point is the highest together with Barbarian, meaning you can do everything fast and efficient.

Barbarian is similar to the Assassin while it does not have increased attack speed, the class has a passive skill that increases its movement speed. What makes Barbarian different from Assassin is that Barbarian is way tankier than Assassin, it might be slower but the health pool makes up for it.

Now that you know a little bit more about those 2 classes we will pick one, for our guide today I will pick Assassin.

After creating our class our first step is to go to Sylvanas and ask her about the quests, after you talk to her you will be able to do quests and our first quest will be to kill 5 head crabs, if you die do not get discouraged you will respawn without penalty and you will be able to try again.

After you kill 5 head crabs go back to Sylvanas to claim your reward, you will be granted some XP and Gold also you will receive your first weapon, to equip it you will need to have specific stats for it, in our case we will need 5 strength points, press m 1 and put 5 stat points into strength after you do that press M 6 1 to wear your items choose the weapon u received and equip it, now you should have your first weapon.

Items in our mod give such bonuses Vitality/Energy and weapons give flat DMG increase.

Proceed in doing quests to gain level and gold, you might notice that most of the quests give you certain items, try to see what stats you need to equip them and put the stats accordingly.

After a while you might notice that our game has skills, I will tell you how they work. Every class is unique and have their own skills, there are Active skills and Passive skills.

Active skills require you to have mana to use them (you get mana by having energy)

Passive skills do not require you to have mana.

First of all, you will have to level up a certain skill you will need to press M 2 and choose a skill you would like to level up, in our case, we are playing an assassin and we will choose Burst of Speed.

Second of all, you will need to bind a letter in the console that you will use to cast spells (Example Bind z +skills) the default letter for using skills is T, but you can change that into whatever letter you want to use.

Third of all, you will need to press E and choose the skill you would like to use in my case I will choose Burst of Speed, then I will press T to activate my ability. (Do note, you must have a certain amount of mana to use your desired skill in my case I needed 150 mana to activate my skill)

What Burst of Speed did was increase my movement speed and attack speed for a certain time (2 minutes)

By now you should know how items work, how to use skills, and what to do early in the game, continue in doing quests until you do them all (50 quest is final)

After a while, you might have completed all of your quests and wonder “What now?” well the game just started for you, you can do whatever you want, but I would suggest you read our Crafting guide so you could understand more how materials work and how to craft end game items.

If you still have any questions feel free to DM me in discord (Beligon #9398) or just ask questions in the game, most of the people will be happy to help you understand more 🙂