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Crafting Guide

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Hey! Have no idea how crafting works and how to get materials? Well, today I will be your guide once again and I will help you understand more about our Mod once again.


I assume you have completed all of the quests available and now you are confused about what to do now.


Well, it is quite simple, first of let’s go to Ragnaros and press Blacksmith -> Armors -> Tier 1 -> Any armor piece. After doing that you should see the final recipes for each specific item. I will try to make it less confusing by giving you some advice, most of the recipes are similar except they need a different base, for example, if you want to craft a Tier 1 Belt you will need a Hellforge belt (best belt in the shop) then some enchanted material, every armor piece needs Enchanted Magic orb, Enchanted Leather, Enchanted Iron Plate and lastly Big Momma Core (this is only true to the Tier 1 items)


You are probably wondering “What? I don’t understand, where do I get all of this stuff?” Well no need to worry, I will explain it right now step by step


First, you gather specific materials to make higher tier materials, for example, if you want to make Leather you will need to kill specifically Bull Squid’s for the Bull Squid skin, you will also need some mob bones and mob essences but don’t worry, all of the mobs drop them and lastly, you will need a Skinning knife, this time you won’t need to kill mobs to obtain it, you will simply need to buy it from the material shop you will find at Ragnaros.


Secondly, you will need to put them in your chest and take 1000 gold from your chest then come back to Ragnaros and press Blacksmith -> Materials -> Armoury -> Leather. And simply press craft, after you do that your Leather will be found in your chest.


Thirdly you will also need to imbue your higher tier materials with magic, you will need to farm some Lesser magic essence (if you have farmed a lot of them you can skip this step) pick 2500 gold from your chest then go to Ragnaros and press Blacksmith -> Materials -> Miscellaneous -> G.M. essence. Follow the recipe and simply make 5 of them, after you do that you are almost done. Pick 1000 gold from your chest then go to Sylvanas press Enchanting -> Enchant Materials -> Enchant Leather. Finally, you can enchant your Leather and make an Enchanted Leather.


Well now you should know how to gather materials, how to make higher tier materials and how to enchant them, and know the final recipes to make Tier 1 armor, simply follow the recipes and do as I said and you will eventually be able to craft your first item.


If you still have any questions feel free to DM me on Discord (Beligon #9398) or just ask questions in the game, most of the people will be happy to help you understand more 🙂