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Diablo 2 Start Announcement

AnotherWay > Diablo 2 Start Announcement

We are introducing you to another Diablo 2 start. 

We are changing our approach from the last time and are going to start fresh new. Since we are starting anew our name will change to “insert name here xd”.

We are still going to keep the old nostalgic feeling of playing diablo 2 but we are going to change the end game heavily since the last time!

Introducing Gems/Sockets & Enchants

Gems and sockets will make the game feel fresh again, almost like a whole new game/mod. You will need to rethink your old builds and ideas and start fresh with these new mechanics.

Every end game item will have sockets and you will be able to socket your gems into them giving you various bonuses such as more health more mana, etc.

With enchants you will be able to enchant your weapon and armor for various effects, Weapons will have offensive effects but the armor will have defensive effects such as poison damage for weapons and magic resistance for armor.

We believe that these new mechanics will let players feel different from each other and make them have more customizability.

So get your notepads from 2013 and make your new builds again!

But that’s not all we did, we made more changes to the game.

Remember the days when you had to type in chat that you want to sell something or buy something and wait for a person to respond? Not anymore!

Introducing The Market

The market will change the whole way trading works, of course, we won’t delete the give/trade options in the game and you will be able to do your old-school way of trading.

But we wanted to do something about that so we created the market system for the lazy people who hate waiting for the specific player to join and make a trade or for people who just want to get rid of their item but feel bad about selling them to the shop. 

Now forget all that and start buying/selling items in the market! 

There are even more changes to the mod but we don’t want to make you waiting and just reading everything. We will let you explore the game yourself 🙂