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    Cool cat.
  6. Hey, Thanks for your suggestions, you could write everything in Lithuanian as originaly im one too, but as you wrote your suggestions in english, i will reply in english too 🙂 So, i will increase round time to 5 minutes today, thats ok it wasnt just you who suggested me that. Im focusing more on DIablo II server right now, i want to finish things up, if youre intrested here is my to-do https://trello.com/b/0p7x7gqX/anotherway and yeah, about maps, i will check theese, and i may add atleast 1-2map soon Thanks! And yeah one more thing, after finishing diablo im planning to rewrite whole swarm plugin, i mean i dont have the editable base of swarm, so what i have is some old files that need to get polished, bug fixes, etc. so i can add more stuff including zombie spells, new unique zombies maybe, etc. P.S im trying to make everything in english, so people from other countries can also understand what happens in the servers. Best regards, - Akka
  7. Hello, Not long time ago I discovered this project and the swarm server for cs 1.6 . I must say that it is very exciting and engaging to play. Nonetheless, I came across few ideas that could improve the server. That being said, here are a few small things I would encourage to put: 1. Extend the amount of minutes one round has. Currently there are only 3 minute rounds and they end really fast. I would make them at least 5minutes . 2. Add more maps, such as de_kabul_32 ; cs_blacksunday2 ; cs_assault ; etc. These are quite engaging to play. More maps, more options to choose from. Lastly, I would ask the owner to have a brainstorm and think of ideas on how to attract players into the server. I know this project is originating in Lithuania, however, cs 1.6 is not as popular here as it used to be. I myself encountered that there are tons of players around Middle East and Europe in general that still play this game. Therefore, I highly encourage to promote not only the server but also the project itself in other countries. I myself would be able to help out if needed.
  8. Done, check - https://anotherway.lt/index.php?/files/
  9. Version 1.0.1


    /freeadmin generator random number, if the number higher than 50, then you get admin, if lesser you dont, you can use the command once a day, easy as that.
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This plugin shows server info ( IP AND WEBSITE ) in top left corner, edit the SMA file, compile and youre good to go! 🙂
  11. *1. Plugin Description | Plugino Aprasymas. /freeadmin komanda panašiai kaip flip tik freeadmin duoda tam tikrus procentus laimėti prie serveri privilegija, nuo 1% iki 100, Jeigu laimi parašo Sveikiname jūs LAIMĖJOTE FREEADMIN 1D. jeigu nelaimi rašo Atsiprašome bet jums nepasisekė šį kartą laimėti pabandykite po 24h 2. Plugin Visualizations/Images/Videos | Plugino Vizualizacijos/Nuotraukos/Videos. Neturiu bet supranti apie ką
  12. Hey contact me via discord Akka#3025 😉
  13. Hi There Akka, 'Administrator' Of this Website I need To Tell That i have been skilled as Moderator Or Administrator And I want to Apply in your Team My Nickname Is Invisible My Age is 15 My Country Is Pakistan I Can Speak English fleuntly I Know Scripting Langauge C++ Pawn And Python I Have Great Skills and Patient I Can Handle Everything, Or Maybe Can Help You In Your Work My Contact Discord is Invisible#6743 Please If you want contact with me in Private Message i ll send more information if needed Thanks For Giving Me Time
  14. Hi, Or Maybe You Need FreeVIP that will be result in ban
  15. Greetings, i didn't received any payments, i checked our swarm database i didnt found any VIP/ADMIN purchases either 🙂
  16. Hi, i bought VIp at swarm and didnt't get it, maybe i did something wrong, because i wrote everything right, and i didtn get it
  17. Unban Application Form Your InGame Name? - Server you've got banned? - Ban reason? - Who banned you? - Ban length? - Explanation? - More information - Example
  18. Public Server Rules General Rules - Advertising of any kind is prohibited! [ Permament Ban ] Abusing any kind of bugs is prohibited! [ May be from 10Hours to Permament ban ] Respect server players and administrators. [ Warning -> GAG 6 Hours -> 10 Hours BAN ] Cheating is prohibited! [ Permament Ban ] Spamming Chat/Radio's is prohibited!. [ Warning -> GAG 6 Hours -> 6 Hours BAN ] You can speak through the microphone from the age of 15. [ Warning -> GAG 6 Hours ] it is forbidden to scream into the microphone or interfere with the game in any way. [ Warning -> GAG 6 Hours ] It is forbidden to play with a name / nickname that is shorter than 2 Latin letters. [ 6 Hours BAN ] VIPs and ADMINs are prohibited from sharing their account data (password). [ Privilege Removal ] It is forbidden to circumvent the existing punishment. [ Ban forever ]. For those with active privileges, [ Privilege Removal ] It is forbidden to kill hostages repeatedly. [ Warning -> 1 Hour BAN ] Abusing nade buying is prohibited ( CS_MAX CT SPAWN THROWING NADES 24/7 TO T SPAWN ). [ Warning -> 1 Hour BAN ] Admin Rules - It is forbidden to use: Kick, Slay, Slap, Ban against a player who has not violated any rules of the game. [ 1 Day BAN ] It is forbidden to use the "slap" command to gain access to inaccessible or hard - to - reach places on the map. [ 1 Day BAN ] When changing the map by voting, the vote must have at least 2 choices! All submitted maps cannot be of the same type (e.g. awp). [ 6 Hour BAN ] It is forbidden to change the map without voting or players want to change it. [ 6 Hours BAN ] It is forbidden to include a curse, insult or unclear reason in the ban reason. [ 1 Day BAN ] It is forbidden to ban with reasons like: camping, cheating, swearing, laming, reasons must be provided specifically ( e.g Aimbot,Wallhack,SpeedHack ). [ 1 Day BAN ] If a reason has been requested to upload files to the forum, it is necessary to review the evidence after the player has uploaded it and provide a response within 24 hours. [ 2 Day BAN ] ADMIN banning a player with a request to upload an alias, ss or demo must state in the reason what the player is suspected of. [ 2 Day BAN ] *Administrators reserve the right to change the rules or ban for longer without personal notice.
  19. I can make you a simple plugin in my free time, just use this requesting form and post a topic using this form. Requesting form - *1. Plugin Description | Plugino Aprasymas 2. Plugin Visualizations/Images/Videos | Plugino Vizualizacijos/Nuotraukos/Videos. Example - 1. VIP MENU Plugin that opens a Gun menu at the start of each round, you have 2 options AK/DGL/ARMOR, M4/DGL/ARMOR. Vip flags ( BIT ) 2.
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