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  1. Hi There Akka, 'Administrator' Of this Website I need To Tell That i have been skilled as Moderator Or Administrator And I want to Apply in your Team My Nickname Is Invisible My Age is 15 My Country Is Pakistan I Can Speak English fleuntly I Know Scripting Langauge C++ Pawn And Python I Have Great Skills and Patient I Can Handle Everything, Or Maybe Can Help You In Your Work My Contact Discord is Invisible#6743 Please If you want contact with me in Private Message i ll send more information if needed Thanks For Giving Me Time
  2. Hi, Or Maybe You Need FreeVIP that will be result in ban
Mėgstame ir sugebame kurti žaidėjams patinkančius serverius. Skiriame laiką jūsų problemoms spręsti. Dirbame labai daug, kad įgyvendintume užsibrėžtus tikslus. Norime būti jūsų mėgstamu ir geriausiu žaidimų serveriu tinklu.
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