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  1. Hello, Not long time ago I discovered this project and the swarm server for cs 1.6 . I must say that it is very exciting and engaging to play. Nonetheless, I came across few ideas that could improve the server. That being said, here are a few small things I would encourage to put: 1. Extend the amount of minutes one round has. Currently there are only 3 minute rounds and they end really fast. I would make them at least 5minutes . 2. Add more maps, such as de_kabul_32 ; cs_blacksunday2 ; cs_assault ; etc. These are quite engaging to play. More maps, more options to choose from. Lastly, I would ask the owner to have a brainstorm and think of ideas on how to attract players into the server. I know this project is originating in Lithuania, however, cs 1.6 is not as popular here as it used to be. I myself encountered that there are tons of players around Middle East and Europe in general that still play this game. Therefore, I highly encourage to promote not only the server but also the project itself in other countries. I myself would be able to help out if needed.
Mėgstame ir sugebame kurti žaidėjams patinkančius serverius. Skiriame laiką jūsų problemoms spręsti. Dirbame labai daug, kad įgyvendintume užsibrėžtus tikslus. Norime būti jūsų mėgstamu ir geriausiu žaidimų serveriu tinklu.
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