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Public Server Rules

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Public Server Rules

General Rules -


  1. Advertising of any kind is prohibited! [ Permament Ban ]
  2. Abusing any kind of bugs is prohibited[ May be from 10Hours to Permament ban ]
  3. Respect server players and administrators.  [ Warning ->  GAG 6 Hours  -> 10 Hours BAN ]
  4. Cheating is prohibited! [ Permament Ban ]
  5. Spamming Chat/Radio's is prohibited!.  [ Warning ->  GAG 6 Hours  -> 6 Hours BAN ]
  6. You can speak through the microphone from the age of 15. [ Warning ->  GAG 6 Hours ]
  7. it is forbidden to scream into the microphone or interfere with the game in any way. [ Warning ->  GAG 6 Hours ]
  8. It is forbidden to play with a name / nickname that is shorter than 2 Latin letters. [ 6 Hours BAN ]
  9. VIPs and ADMINs are prohibited from sharing their account data (password). [ Privilege Removal ]
  10. It is forbidden to circumvent the existing punishment. [ Ban forever ]. For those with active privileges, [ Privilege Removal ]
  11. It is forbidden to kill hostages repeatedly. [ Warning -> 1 Hour BAN ]
  12. Abusing nade buying is prohibited ( CS_MAX CT SPAWN THROWING NADES 24/7 TO T SPAWN ). [ Warning -> 1 Hour BAN ]

Admin Rules -

  1. It is forbidden to use: Kick, Slay, Slap, Ban against a player who has not violated any rules of the game. [ 1 Day BAN ]
  2. It is forbidden to use the "slap" command to gain access to inaccessible or hard - to - reach places on the map. [ 1 Day BAN ]
  3. When changing the map by voting, the vote must have at least 2 choices! All submitted maps cannot be of the same type (e.g. awp). [ 6 Hour BAN ]
  4. It is forbidden to change the map without voting or players want to change it. [ 6 Hours BAN ]
  5. It is forbidden to include a curse, insult or unclear reason in the ban reason. [ 1 Day BAN ]
  6. It is forbidden to ban with reasons like: camping, cheating, swearing, laming, reasons must be provided specifically ( e.g Aimbot,Wallhack,SpeedHack ). [ 1 Day BAN ]
  7. If a reason has been requested to upload files to the forum, it is necessary to review the evidence after the player has uploaded it and provide a response within 24 hours. [ 2 Day BAN ]
  8. ADMIN banning a player with a request to upload an alias, ss or demo must state in the reason what the player is suspected of. [ 2 Day BAN ]

    *Administrators reserve the right to change the rules or ban for longer without personal notice.

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