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Survival Event

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The event happens every Tuesday and Friday at 20:00 GMT+2

Survival event is a Battle Royale type event. 

The purpose of the event is to slay everyone and stay the last man standing.

In the event, there will be 3 rounds that you can participate in however if you win any round you may not participate in the next possible round.

Each round you have a single life, if you die then you must wait for the next round to participate in the event again.

Before the beginning of any round, you will have 5 minutes to prepare yourself for the event such as buying potions and repairing your gear.

For winning any round the player will receive rewards equally and will not be affected by the round’s number.


  • You are forbidden from teaming up with other players¬†
  • You are forbidden from staying/camping in the same place for too long
  • You are forbidden from reconnecting or changing your class in the middle of an event
  • You are forbidden from losing intentionally to your opponent
  • You are forbidden from using any sort of third-party tools such as aim hack, wallhack, speed hack and etc.
  • You are forbidden from targeting a specific player/suiciding into a player on purpose to make him lose the round. (Rule does not apply in a 1x1x1 situation)
  • Respect other players and the administration, refrain from unsportsmanlike behavior.