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Survive Event V2.

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Survival Event is a “Battle Royale” type game mode.
Survival Event happens every Friday at 20:00 GMT+2.

One Life, 3 Rounds, stay the last player alive.

Before the beginning of any round, you will have 5 minutes to prepare yourself for the event such as buying potions and repairing your gear.

  • It is forbidden to team up with other players.
  • It is forbidden to camp/stay in one place.
  • It is forbidden to lose intentionally to your opponent.
  • It is forbidden to use any third-party tools, such as wallhack, speedhack, etc.
  • It is forbidden to target/focus the specific player on purpose to make him lose the round. ( Rule does not apply in a 1x1x1 situation.)
  • Respect other players and the administration, refrain from unsportsmanlike behavior.