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    • Per paskutinius keletą mėnesiu męs su testerių komandą dirbom ties serverio stabilumo ir performance.

      Sutaisėm daug dalyku, daug crashu, įdėjom daug quality-of-life atnaujinimų.

      Nusprendžiau atsisakyti visokiu mandru generacijų, item level scalinimų kaip buvo prieš tai. Asmeniškai tokie dalykai išėma sielą iš žaidimo, sugalvojau perdaryti viska ranką, visus itemus, ju statsai, XP kiek jo reik ir jo gavimas, atskiri loot tables skirtingiem dalykam, ir t.t.. Tokie dalykai padarys serveri lankstesni, bus lengviau dirbti bei smagiau žaisti, i assure you. Dar noriu pridėti dėl ko taip nusprendžiau, esu long time world of warcraft žaidėjas (+- 10 metų. ). Žaidęs įvariausius expansionus, bandęs žaisti ir kitus MMO / MMORPG žaidimus, niekas taip nežudo to satisfactory jausmo kaip automatiški scalinimai, sugeneruoti itemai taip tolygiai, žaidimas pasidaro toks linear 0 satisfaction.. Arba tarkim mobai derinasi / susiscalinaa prie tavo stiprumo, buvau best-in-slot geared paladinas, and STILL kiekvienas mobas žudosi taip pat ilgai kaip bučiau besikeldamas nesvarbu koki lygi, no reward at all už pražaistas DIENAS, negaliu lengvai įsivykdyti random misijos kuri man visiškai nieko realiai neduoda, esu 60 lygio, ir ta moba žudau tiek ilgai kiek žmogus besikeldamas su questing gear lvl 51. - turiu vargti, tačiau nelyginkim WoW Dragonflight DIDŽIO su anotherway RPG.


      Mano misija dabar yra atsikratyti soulless žaidimo dalių, duoti jam gyvybingumo bei tikslo žaisti ir tobulinti jau padarytus dalykus. Tai bus paskutinis changelogas. Changelogai atskleidžia per daug info, arba fixus kurie neturi prasmės jums kaip žaidėjams nes dar nepajutę pačiam serverį. kitaip tariant - changelogs = waste of my time, and your time for now. This is the way.




      • - Fixed Snake hitbox
      • - Fixed Models not applying for bows.
      • - Fixed Players being able to attack each other with melee attacks in the safe zone.
      • - Fixed numerous crashes.
      • - Fixed some class specialization names not showing up in chat.
      • - Fixed radar, heal, etc. sometimes showing up.
      • - Fixed wrong models showing up when spectating somebody.
      • - There were so many fixes that most of them were not included in the log.


      New Stuff:

      • Added a new Mailbox system.
      • Added floating damage numbers above monsters.
      • Added new Copper and Silver currencies. (100 copper = 1 silver / 100 silver = 1 gold.)



      • Major item rework in progress.
      • Reworked Cube Rewards. (1 Cube now spawns always by default, and one more for every 2 players.)
      • Reworked Arrows, now stackable up to 5000.
      • Reworked Horadric Points shop. (Reworked shop elements.)
      • Reworked Health Bars. (Full rewrite of the code, bug fixes, and performance improvements.) 
      • Reworked Ore and Herb spawning.
      • Reworked Needed XP amounts and mob XP.


      Class Changes:

      • Added new Enhancement Shaman passive - Frozen Power.
      • Frost Shock now roots the target for 2 seconds and has a 4-second slow afterward.
      • All warrior spells now have a 1-second global cooldown.
      • Hamstring / Rupture and similar type spell firing have been reworked.
      • Added new Warrior skills - Rend and Heroic Strike.


      Misc Changes:

      • Removed 2h Axes, they will no longer be obtainable.
      • Existing weapons will now have different attack ranges.
      • Herbs gathering is now faster.
      • Identifying items now grants XP.
      • Lady Sylvanas is now selling consumables on the market. (Limited supply.)
      • Different Arrow Types will now have different speeds.
      • Arrows will aim towards the direction they are flying.
      • The sockets are back.
      • All weapon models have been set by default to the right hand.
      • Updated market item info.
      • Market quality-of-life changes.
      • Potions' hp/mana regen amount now shows up at the top of the screen.
      • Added back the music player, and now it only plays music in the safe zone.
      • Added hud message in the middle when aiming at a rock/herb or NPC with a small instruction on how to interact with it.
      • Added 34 new flower models, and flowers now give specific material based on the flower model.
      • Added 7 new rock models, which now give specific material based on the flower model. Rocks also have different HP amounts, and there are two types of each ore (Normal & Rich). Each flower/rock now has a separate more accurate hitbox.


      - * = Needs testing.

      - ** = May change later.

      - TBD = To be decided.

      • Hehe 2
      • Bruh 1
      • Sus 1
    • New Stuff:

      • New Flesh, Armor, Wall, Fist Hit, Swing, Bow Shoot sounds.
      • The old shop has been removed, new "Availability Shop", now has a limited amount of items and refreshes every few hours.*
      • New Material System. ( WIP )
      • A new way to view server logs, that is available to everyone. - http://d2.anotherway.lt/



      • Objectives have been fully rewritten.
      1.    They are split into separate level categories [1-5,6-15,16-25,26-35,36-45,46-55,56-65,66-75],
      2.    You can now kill multiple mobs to complete objectives based on your nearby level categories.
      • The objective monster kill requirement is also reworked.
      1. - Objective kill amount now varies on your level and on the mobs you kill.
      • Reworked Spawn NPC system. ( along with the new animated models. )
      • Reworked many NPCs with new material shop menus, and buy/sell/repair menu reworks. ( Repair/Sell/Buy prices are reworked as well. )
      • Reworked Herb gathering. ( Now smoother and easier to gather. )
      • Hitting rocks will set your attack speed to 0.4. ( No more disadvantage to using slower weapons. )
      • Reworked item identifying.
      • Reworked item drop from mob rarity chances.


      • Fixed Visual Armor Models duplicating.
      • Fixed Double rng to get objectives. ( Had to win lottery two times to get the price. )
      • Fixed Class not showing up in chat if the player doesn't select a specialization.
      • Fixed Monsters disappearing at the edge of the screen.*
      • Fixed Damage Taken/Done text in the middle disappearing too fast.
      • Fixed Rapid Fire working after in other specializations


      Misc. Changes:

      • Added bow-shoot sound to each rapid-fire shot.
      • Newly created characters will have starter gear.
      •     Rogues - Bows & Bolts, Fast 1h Sword.
      •     Warrior - Slow 2h Sword.
      •     Shaman - one 1h Sword with intellect, and one with Agility.
      • Brought back the day/night cycle.
      • You can no longer see your own Health Bar.
      • Monster idle sounds are now less likely to be played.
      • Changed explosive arrow explosion effect.
      • Chat Notifications (Cube, Herb, Rock) - yes1#3531
      • Changed resources folder data structure. ( You'll have to redownload all of the server resources again. )
      • Readjusted Dropped gold amount from monsters.
      • Monster respawns are readjusted and are now based on their max level. -
      •     [<= 15: 2-3 | <= 25: 2-4 | <= 35: 3-5 | <= 45: 3-5 | <= 55: 4-6 | <= 65: 5-8 | <= 75: 7-10]
      • Added Falling damage effect.
      • Reworked Thunder effect, now has delayed sound effect + random lightning hitting the ground.
      • Added light effect to certain spells.
      • MAP VOTING - Removed GUI Map selection. ( Back to menus)


      Promised Alpha Tester titles have been given to - ^NoVa., Sixin, Beligon, Lamuras, OldSchoolIsBack. These titles will be there forever, and they are no longer obtainable. Big Thanks!


      To-Do for next update. -

      • Professions + Profession based crafting ( With Recipes ).
      • Class Changes.


      - * = Needs testing.

      - ** = May change later.

      - TBD = To be decided.

      - WIP = Work in Progress.

      • Hehe 2
      • Bruh 1
      • Sus 1
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